How to Safely Purchase Medicine Online


By purchasing your medicine through an online pharmacy, you will be saving yourself a lot of time, money and energy. But how do you know that the place you are buying from is legit and the medicine they are selling is safe to use? We have the solution for you, follow carefully these steps that we put together and you can be sure that you are receiving a good deal.

Don’t Believe Everything

Post1aIf you see on the online pharmacy that has deals that are too good to be true, that is most likely the truth. If the medicine you are supposed to purchase has an extremally low price on that online store, you shouldn’t buy it because that is the first and the biggest sign if something suspicious is going on. For example, if you usually pay for that medicine $50 at your local pharmacy and you see that exact medicine online for $5 you should be very careful. That kind of a low price could mean that the medicine is sold outside the country and that they are not officially approved.

Post1bLook for a VIPPS mark

When you are on an online pharmacy store, you first need to look for a mark that says VIPPS (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site). If you don’t see one that means the website that you are on is not approved and screened by the NABP.

Make sure the Store is Licensed in the UK

The store that you are browsing should be located in the country that you are in. Search for the license on the website. If there is no information about their license, you should be warned that it is not recommended to buy from those stores. That is because every store should be licensed and registered in order to legally sell medicine.Post1c

The Prescription Trick

Some fake pharmacies that are not licensed won’t ask you for the prescription. You should never buy any medicine from a store that doesn’t ask for the prescription. If they don’t have your prescription they can give you the wrong medicine.


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