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Private Online Prescriptions: What They are and How it Works

The National Health Service (NHS) is the body that regulates the provision of healthcare and the distribution of medication in England. It offers free healthcare to all with certain limitations on prescriptions, optical services, and dental care.


Private Prescriptions

Private prescriptions are written by doctors in private practice or by NHS doctors who prescribe medications that are not funded by the NHS. There are limitations to what the NHS funds. The limitations apply to medications like erectile dysfunction drugs, hair loss treatment, travel medication, and drugs to help stop smoking.


The cost of private prescriptions must be carried by the patient. The NHS does not fund medication by private prescription. The patient will have to pay the full amount for these drugs. The patient may also be required to pay a private prescription fee. Different doctors have different policies and they may ask more than or less than the standard fee or wave the fee depending on their policy.


Is it Legal?

Yes, private prescriptions are legal as long as they are written by registered and qualified doctors. Both NHS and private practice doctors can write private prescriptions. You can also get private prescriptions from online doctors that give consultations online on most online pharmacy websites.


How to Get an Online Private Prescription

Private prescriptions cost more than prescriptions that are funded by the NHS but they don’t cover all types of medications. If you need a cheaper option for your medical help you may consider trying to get these prescriptions from an online doctor. Online doctors are qualified and must consult with you before writing any prescription. If you meet the criteria for a specific medication, the doctor will write a private prescription that you can then fill through the online pharmacy that will send it to you. It’s a very quick process! Read this if you’d like more info on how online pharmacies operate.

Who Will Need Private Prescriptions?

As mentioned earlier, the NHS does not fund all types of medications. This means that you will need to get a private prescription for certain conditions. Medications that the NHS does not fund include:

  • Travel medication – This means that you will need a private prescription for malaria tablets, vaccinations, and other travel medications.
  • Erectile dysfunction medications – Drugs like Viagra, Sildenafil, and Cialis will require a private prescription. For most men, having to buy these drugs online and at cheaper prices privately is more of a blessing. It is done discreetly and they get cheaper prices.
  • Hair loss treatments – The NHS also does not fund these types of medications and they need to be prescribed privately. This is also cheaper and more convenient to get from an online doctor.

Private prescriptions can be more convenient and affordable online if you buy from the right and legitimate pharmacies. It doesn’t have to be a big deal or super expensive to treat those health conditions that the NHS does not cover.