Private Online Prescriptions: What They are and How it Works

The National Health Service (NHS) is the body that regulates the provision of healthcare and the distribution of medication in England. It offers free healthcare to all with certain limitations on prescriptions, optical services, and dental care.


Private Prescriptions

Private prescriptions are written by doctors in private practice or by NHS doctors who prescribe medications that are not funded by the NHS. There are limitations to what the NHS funds. The limitations apply to medications like erectile dysfunction drugs, hair loss treatment, travel medication, and drugs to help stop smoking.


The cost of private prescriptions must be carried by the patient. The NHS does not fund medication by private prescription. The patient will have to pay the full amount for these drugs. The patient may also be required to pay a private prescription fee. Different doctors have different policies and they may ask more than or less than the standard fee or wave the fee depending on their policy.


Is it Legal?

Yes, private prescriptions are legal as long as they are written by registered and qualified doctors. Both NHS and private practice doctors can write private prescriptions. You can also get private prescriptions from online doctors that give consultations online on most online pharmacy websites.


How to Get an Online Private Prescription

Private prescriptions cost more than prescriptions that are funded by the NHS but they don’t cover all types of medications. If you need a cheaper option for your medical help you may consider trying to get these prescriptions from an online doctor. Online doctors are qualified and must consult with you before writing any prescription. If you meet the criteria for a specific medication, the doctor will write a private prescription that you can then fill through the online pharmacy that will send it to you. It’s a very quick process! Read this if you’d like more info on how online pharmacies operate.

Who Will Need Private Prescriptions?

As mentioned earlier, the NHS does not fund all types of medications. This means that you will need to get a private prescription for certain conditions. Medications that the NHS does not fund include:

  • Travel medication – This means that you will need a private prescription for malaria tablets, vaccinations, and other travel medications.
  • Erectile dysfunction medications – Drugs like Viagra, Sildenafil, and Cialis will require a private prescription. For most men, having to buy these drugs online and at cheaper prices privately is more of a blessing. It is done discreetly and they get cheaper prices.
  • Hair loss treatments – The NHS also does not fund these types of medications and they need to be prescribed privately. This is also cheaper and more convenient to get from an online doctor.

Private prescriptions can be more convenient and affordable online if you buy from the right and legitimate pharmacies. It doesn’t have to be a big deal or super expensive to treat those health conditions that the NHS does not cover.

3 major causes of Jet Lag people suffer from

Jet lag is a condition that occurs as a result of long distance traveling on a high-speed aircraft traversing transmeridian. The condition is also known as desynchronosis or time zone change syndrome. The east to west or west to east travel on a rapid pace results in the change of the circadian rhythms of a body resulting in disorders while sleeping. It is said that with the passage of each time zone the person would take one day to adjust to it. Because of this, the condition can sometimes last for several days. The condition is usually affected to the pilots and staff of the airline, and also frequent travelers.

There are several regulations put into place to combat this condition that affects the pilots. Jet lag is classified as a physiological condition and is affected more on people traveling from west to east in comparison to the east to west. The condition got the name jet lag because the condition was unheard of before the commercial jet airlines came into existence.

The jet airlines help in the process of traveling fast enough to cause the condition compared to the other type of airlines. None of the other means of travel has been able to produce the condition as the pace is much slower compared to jet airlines. These are the reasons why people suffer from jet lag.

Body clock changes

The body clock gets out of sync when we travel from a time zone to a different one in short period of time. This results in the body going through the daylight and darkness cycle that is completely different from what they usually experience. The rhythm of the body is called circadian rhythm and if the natural pattern of this rhythm is met with any change, it results in a change in eating, working, and also the sleep-wake pattern of the body. Until the body’s ability to respond to these changes normally is not won back, the person will remain jet lagged.

Change in hemisphere

The complications increase in case it is not only the time zones that change. If the hemisphere also changes while traveling, it results in a severe condition of jet lag and seasonal changes. This is because the person has to adapt to the change in time zone and also the change in season as the northern and southern hemisphere have different climatic conditions throughout the year. The seasonal phenomena can result in bringing back the condition that was dormant in you and result in further complications.

Cabin pressure

It is also proved that the cabin pressure of an airline also plays an important role in jet lag. This is because the oxygen level in the aircraft is less compared to the sea level, resulting in the brain receiving less amount of oxygen that it needs.

But jet lag is caused only when there is a change in time zone while traveling. If you travel north or south directly with involving a change in the time zones, it will not result in you developing jet lag. Jet lag does not usually occur to a person who has traveled only one or two time zones. You can avoid jet lags by traveling at a time that will be comfortable for you. You can also avoid eating certain food during the flight. To overcome altitude sickness music can be very effective as well. It will divert your mind and you won’t feel sick.

7 things you should know about Fungal Meningitis

Fungal meningitis is a very rare form of the disease. But the number of cases of this disease has suddenly increased. Many researchers are blaming the contaminated medicines that are found on the market today. Fungal meningitis is an infection that occurs near the spinal cord and brain. Meningitis, in general, can be of three types. The viral meningitis is not a serious disease and patients can recover without any kind of therapy. Bacterial meningitis can be serious. It needs to be treated immediately. Fungal meningitis infects a person’s immune system. It can be treated if detected early. Here are some of the things you should know about fungal meningitis

It is not contagious

Unlike the other types of meningitis, fungal meningitis is not contagious. So, it cannot get from one person to the other. In case of fungal meningitis, the fungus spreads through to the spinal cord through blood.

Affects people with weak immune system

People who have weak immune system are more susceptible to this type of cancer. If you have taken lots of medications like steroids that weakens the immune system then you are at high risk of having this disease. Even different surgical procedures may make your immune system weak.

Geographical location is an important factor

In some of the places, you will find lots of bat and bird droppings. If you live in these areas your chance of having prostate cancer will increase. So, try to avoid living in these areas.

Common symptoms

The most common symptoms of fungal meningitis include fever, stiff neck, headache, nausea, vomiting, etc. People often become very sensitive to light. They may have mental confusion also.


Diagnosis of fungal meningitis requires withdrawing cerebrospinal fluid from the area around the brain and the spinal cord. This fluid is then tested under a microscope to see whether there is any type of fungal growth.


Antifungal medications are the most common treatment for fungal meningitis. The length of time it takes to recover from it varies from person to person. If you have a weak immune system then it will take a longer time to recover.


You should avoid soil that may contain the fungus that causes meningitis. It is better to avoid dusty activities. This will reduce your chance of having this cancer.

Fungal meningitis is a life-threatening disease. You should try to notice the signs and make sure the disease is diagnosed at an early stage so that there is scope for treatment. Otherwise, the disease may be fatal.

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Marketing Ideas for Pharmacy Businesses

Marketing your pharmacy is very important, especially if you are a newly opened pharmacy business that has no reputation. It is important for your business that you build strong relationships with both medical professionals and patients. The reputation will slowly but surely build up over time if you are providing your customers with high-quality service. Pharmacies can stand out very fast from the others if they are providing unique and quality service to their customers.

Post3aOffer Personalized Service

If you want to build a big customer base, you have to pay attention to you customers even more. You can start by offering them professional personalized service. This can be a part of your marketing program, invite patients to discussions about some of the medications and inspire them to ask you questions about their treatments and lifestyle. There are probably not many pharmacies that offer this kind of service, you are sure to be recognized among the patients.


There is no better way to get your pharmacies name out there then advertising it. You can do this in many different ways, but the smartest way to advertise a pharmacy is to go and visit health-related organizations like nursing homes. You can advertise your special offers, that will bring their attention to you for sure.

Post3cSales and Promotions

Attracting new customers to your pharmacy can be complicated if you don’t know how exactly the right way to do it. Offering special items or discounts on some medicine can maybe be the best way to attract new customers. People that decide to buy from your store will be pleased with the offer and they will tell their friends about your pharmacy and just like that you will earn more and more customers and all you need to do is make discounts from time to time.



How to Start an Online Pharmacy Business

If you are a doctor or a pharmacist, and you want to start your own online pharmacy business there are some things that you need to know before you rush into starting one. First of all, you should know that online pharmacies have a very hazy reputation because there are a lot of fake and unlicensed pharmacies that sell medicine. A lot of them have scammed many people and because of them, the other licensed online pharmaceutical companies have a bad reputation even though they didn’t do anything wrong.

Now that you know what are you getting into, we can continue. In the UK to start a pharmacy, you must be a doctor or pharmacist or have a pharmacist on the site, who will make sure that every drug is properly handled and the quality is high. If you don’t have those qualifications and you still want to start a pharmacy you can do it by hiring a medical professional who will take care of that. Post2bHowever, you have to be very careful when hiring because you want to have a person who has an unimpeachable record.

Professional Help

Post2cWe highly recommend you get some professional advice from someone that has a lot of experience in online pharmacies. Also, have some consultations with your attorney, he will tell you about all the legal paperwork that you have to own in order to have a legal pharmacy. Maybe the most important part is to apply for licenses. They are very important to have. As a pharmacy owner, you must have a license in the country in which you operate from and licenses from countries that you want to sell for. Every country has a different law regarding online pharmacies that’s why you should always consult with your attorney first.



How to Safely Purchase Medicine Online

By purchasing your medicine through an online pharmacy, you will be saving yourself a lot of time, money and energy. But how do you know that the place you are buying from is legit and the medicine they are selling is safe to use? We have the solution for you, follow carefully these steps that we put together and you can be sure that you are receiving a good deal.

Don’t Believe Everything

Post1aIf you see on the online pharmacy that has deals that are too good to be true, that is most likely the truth. If the medicine you are supposed to purchase has an extremally low price on that online store, you shouldn’t buy it because that is the first and the biggest sign if something suspicious is going on. For example, if you usually pay for that medicine $50 at your local pharmacy and you see that exact medicine online for $5 you should be very careful. That kind of a low price could mean that the medicine is sold outside the country and that they are not officially approved.

Post1bLook for a VIPPS mark

When you are on an online pharmacy store, you first need to look for a mark that says VIPPS (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site). If you don’t see one that means the website that you are on is not approved and screened by the NABP.

Make sure the Store is Licensed in the UK

The store that you are browsing should be located in the country that you are in. Search for the license on the website. If there is no information about their license, you should be warned that it is not recommended to buy from those stores. That is because every store should be licensed and registered in order to legally sell medicine.Post1c

The Prescription Trick

Some fake pharmacies that are not licensed won’t ask you for the prescription. You should never buy any medicine from a store that doesn’t ask for the prescription. If they don’t have your prescription they can give you the wrong medicine.