About us


We are an online pharmaceutical company that is working like any other regular pharmacy. However, instead of you going to the store to buy your prescribed medicine, you have the option of ordering the medicine online. All you need is a device that has an internet connection and the prescription for the medicine. You can also purchase medicine that doesn’t require any prescription from your doctor or physician.


We have more than 6 years of working experience as an online drug store. From the first days of work, we have developed a lot. We are now one of the biggest online pharmacies in the UK. For the future, we have a lot of things planned that will further improve the quality of our services that we offer.


Paul Miller

I usually don’t have much free time due to my work, and because of that I never have the time to go to the local pharmacy to buy the medicine that my doctor has prescribed me. A few months ago, I discovered the online Kaiyosei pharmaceutical company and from that moment on I have used their services

Donald Thompson

As an old person, I don’t have the strength to go every week to the pharmacy to buy my medicine. In fact, I rarely go outside my home because of my health problems. This online pharmacy has saved me a lot of pain because I can now order my medicine online

Brian Allen

Everything that I have ordered from this online pharmacy was delivered the next day to my house. I was very surprised and pleased how quick I can get my medicine without having to go to my local pharmacy. This online pharmacy is truly a time and energy saver