7 things you should know about Fungal Meningitis

Fungal meningitis is a very rare form of the disease. But the number of cases of this disease has suddenly increased. Many researchers are blaming the contaminated medicines that are found on the market today. Fungal meningitis is an infection that occurs near the spinal cord and brain. Meningitis, in general, can be of three types. The viral meningitis is not a serious disease and patients can recover without any kind of therapy. Bacterial meningitis can be serious. It needs to be treated immediately. Fungal meningitis infects a person’s immune system. It can be treated if detected early. Here are some of the things you should know about fungal meningitis

It is not contagious

Unlike the other types of meningitis, fungal meningitis is not contagious. So, it cannot get from one person to the other. In case of fungal meningitis, the fungus spreads through to the spinal cord through blood.

Affects people with weak immune system

People who have weak immune system are more susceptible to this type of cancer. If you have taken lots of medications like steroids that weakens the immune system then you are at high risk of having this disease. Even different surgical procedures may make your immune system weak.

Geographical location is an important factor

In some of the places, you will find lots of bat and bird droppings. If you live in these areas your chance of having prostate cancer will increase. So, try to avoid living in these areas.

Common symptoms

The most common symptoms of fungal meningitis include fever, stiff neck, headache, nausea, vomiting, etc. People often become very sensitive to light. They may have mental confusion also.


Diagnosis of fungal meningitis requires withdrawing cerebrospinal fluid from the area around the brain and the spinal cord. This fluid is then tested under a microscope to see whether there is any type of fungal growth.


Antifungal medications are the most common treatment for fungal meningitis. The length of time it takes to recover from it varies from person to person. If you have a weak immune system then it will take a longer time to recover.


You should avoid soil that may contain the fungus that causes meningitis. It is better to avoid dusty activities. This will reduce your chance of having this cancer.

Fungal meningitis is a life-threatening disease. You should try to notice the signs and make sure the disease is diagnosed at an early stage so that there is scope for treatment. Otherwise, the disease may be fatal.

Image Source: www.cdc.gov

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